The Easiest Workplace Vision Program There Is. Period.

We know. It takes a big leap of faith to bring a new service partner to your company. We can make this decision process easy for you, and make you look like a rock star along the way. Our on-boarding process puts most of the work on our shoulders. All we need from you is a little logistical help to get us in the door and set up in your office.

We’ve got a solution that works for you

Value to employees

Convenience – never have to leave the office

Time savings

Affordable pricing

Prescriptions – written on-the-spot

Selection – on-hand and try-at-home

Value to Employers

Less Down Time

Productivity Increase – good vision means productive employees

Recruit / Retain Employees

No Cost to Implement

Value to HR/benefits

Demonstrate Innovation

Provide high-value experience

Scalable nationwide

Easy to implement

Half your employees need eyecare

So, why us?

We make it easy for you

We work with you to help promote the event to your staff, and can work within most spatial constraints at most work sites. You really don’t need to do much more than reserve a good spot for us. We show up and do the rest.

We work within your current vision benefits programs and handle reimbursements.

You don’t need to change anything about your benefits programs to bring us to your office. We’ve worked with just about all of them. Again, easy for you (are you seeing a theme here?) and really convenient for your employees.

Your employees will love the convenience.

They don’t need to go anywhere. They don’t need to send any paperwork in advance. They just register on our appointment portal and show up at the date and time they selected. Then, they get to have a great exam and find awesome new eyewear without ever having to leave the office.

The technology is really cool.

Our technology is truly cutting-edge. And patients find it easy to use and just plain neat. This makes their time with OnSight a memorable and fun experience.

We have a large assortment of stylish frames.

There’s something for everyone at an OnSight event.  Sure, you can walk away with just a prescription, but you can also get great eye wear that makes you look amazing…and at a great price. And who better to help you sort through our selection of frames than your best work pals?
We’d like to think that that’s a good start. If you need more convincing, just contact us today and we’ll tell you more about it. We feel pretty confident that you’ll love our service as much as we love providing it.

Our Partners

David Kind

David Kind has spent a decade making the best eyewear in the world, and now they’re making it for you. Founded as a rebellion to fast fashion eyewear, they bring together classic frame design and the best optical technology for an honest price. All products designed in the US and built in Italy and Japan.


Eyelove is one of the premier discount eye wear retailers in Europe with over 145 retail locations throughout the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. OnSight is proud to be the exclusive partner in the US to provide customers the best value in frames and lenses with European style and sensibility.


Spun out of the MIT Media Lab, Eyenetra aims to simplify the refraction testing process and the equipment needed for it. Vision loss sees no boundaries. Neither should correcting poor vision. EyeNetra has created a suite of portable and accurate tools that help ensure all people see well.

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Eye Care Partners

We have a nationwide network of licensed optometrists and opticians who perform in-person comprehensive eye examinations on every single patient.